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Old Timers Cabin – Walterdale Bridge Presentation

Posted on: February 12th, 2013

Thursday afternoon, February 7, 2013 the City of Edmonton unveiled their plan for the new Walterdale Bridge – The Louise Umberville Bridge. I  could applaud the name, but the process leading to the current state of development has suffered serious flaws. In support of people I love and respect, I attended this event at the Old Timers Cabin. And when reporters asked me my sentiments, I expressed disappointment in the process and the final decision, which I stated was the choice that was made even before the process began. In a second interview I burped out that there are rumours about monies paid for approval. Now, why would a well-educated, socially concientious person allude to rumours? An historical overview of world affairs for the last six to eight thousand years shows a high percentage of financial benefit to those who swear allegiance and/or assist an invader, foreigner, or some outside interest group, that profits at the detriment of the greater community affected by this decision. And since Julius Caeser planted seeds of Colonialism in the hearts and minds of Europeans, no movement has ever more effectively used payment to a select few  to give their approval on behalf of a large community, which would then be exploited by the outside interest group. I only mentioned the rumours because under these circumstances, approval is purchased most of the time, for the last six thousand years in most cultural or ethnic groups. Even though the allegations can not be proven, the opaqueness of the process begs for a review with the power to mandate changes to the path of this bridge.


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