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Easter 2013

Posted on: March 31st, 2013

Star Falling wishes to join the peoples of the world in celebration of Easter in the year 2013. And a late congratulation to those people who unite in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on the selection of your new Holy See, Pope Francis I. The stories of his humbleness, his modest apartment and the use of public transportation, and above all his deep connection to everyday people were welcome news. And his early public appearances, comments and actions have been positive. Unfortunately all the anticipation of change generated by the choice of a non-European vanished with the Pope’s first appearance where his skin was only barely distinguishable from his robes. Not long after Benedict announced his retirement there was speculation that his follower might be Asian, African or South American and maybe the papacy needed a face of color, a face that would have its roots in a different direction. Sadly this very visible change did not occur. And there is no attempt to slander the strong connection the Italian born pope has to South America. But it remains to be seen whether or not the Roman Catholic Church is willing to rectify the damages wrought throughout the Americas as a direct result of its teaching. Although Pope Paul III attempted to change direction on treatment of indigenous people as authorized by the Inter caetera  of Pope Alexander VI on 4 May 1493, the 1537 bull Sublimis Deus, seemed to have been mostly ignored. Star Falling beseeches the Holy See to proclaim the Indigenous People of the Americas to be a race of highly cultivated humans with an unbroken connection to the creative spirit of the universe that we call God, whose rights and traditions were trampled in the name of something called progress. This progress has led all of humanity to our current questionable, precarious state of spiritual perception within our everyday reality. Star Falling asks the Pope to help lead in the quest to unite the Red, Yellow, Black and White people of the world in sharing the gifts of our Earth Mother, working together as Equals following the guidance of our Heavenly Father.


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